Canadian govt slammed for failing to condemn Israeli apartheid

Canadian govt slammed for failing to condemn Israeli apartheid


By Christian George

The Canadian government has been slammed for not reacting to the ongoing Israeli apartheid in Europe.

According to Brock Press, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, at a Ukraine rally in Toronto, was slammed as a heckler in the crowd shouted, “hey sir, I think Ukrainians can teach you a little more about freedom and liberty so why don’t you settle down.”

Source further revealed that since the 1967 war, international law has recognized the annexation of Gaza and the West Bank in Israel as an illegal occupation. Despite this, Canada continues to build strategic trade agreements with the Israeli government, including an annual payment of $1 million towards industrial R&D in Israel, even as violence against the Palestinian population has ramped up in the past few months under the recently elected far-right Israeli government. With this in mind, critics are right to wonder if this is just a case of settler-colonial powers recognizing one another.

Critics are of the opinion that Canada cares more about supporting nations that are European, NATO-affiliated, free-market oriented or have key resources.

Hence, it was noted that Canada had cut petrol-based bilateral import deals with Saudi Arabia despite their continued attack on internationally recognized Yemeni government, in addition to killings taking place within the oil monarchy’s borders.