Clerics who prayed at Bobrisky’s event lack fear of God – Scholar

Bobrisky housewarming

An Islamic cleric, Sheikh Muyideen Bello, has slammed Islamic clerics who officiated at the housewarming of popular cross-dresser, Bobrisky.

According to him, the Muslim clerics lack fear of God because Islam does not support transgender.

In an interview with Sunday PUNCH, Bello said, “What benefit does Bobrisky derive from being a transgender? What does he intend to gain from it? If he has children of his own, will he be happy for them to toe his path?

“I don’t know what to call that – shall we say it is lack of the fear of Allah or lack of the knowledge of right and wrong? I don’t understand what will make an Islamic cleric to be hobnobbing with a man who is claiming to be a woman.

“No matter what he is doing, be it housewarming, birthday, or whatever celebrations, I don’t know what exactly those clerics intend to gain from such a gathering. Are they seeking fame? Is it for money? Would Bobrisky offer each of them a million naira? I doubt if he can give each of them a million naira.”

Continuing, he added, “Islam totally prohibits a situation where a man dresses like a woman or a woman dresses like a man; neither does Islam accept transgender. The position of Islam on such issue is that whoever engages in such is regarded as a lunatic, who isn’t in his or her right senses. Islam is clear, it is a complete religion, Islam does not approve of it.”