LGBTQ: Mixed reaction greet Pope’s homosexuality comment


Recent comments made by the Vatican head, Pope Francis, stating his position on homosexuality has continued to generate mixed reactions across the social media platform.

Religion Nigeria reported that Pope Francis, stated that, “Being homosexual isn’t a crime”.

“We are all children of God, and God loves us as we are and for the strength that each of us fights for our dignity,” Francis said.

Francis noted that some Catholic bishops around the world support laws that prohibit homosexuality or discriminate against LGBTQ persons, and he referred to the matter as “sin.” However, he linked such attitudes to cultural backgrounds, and he stated that bishops, in particular, must undergo a process of conversion in order to respect the dignity of all people.

The statement have continued to generate various reactions from social media users, below are some culled from Twitter.

@EManFlemming, tweeted,”This is crazy because the God that i serve, the MostHigh, does not love sin nor does he accept it.

“By confirming homo is a sin and then saying God loves you as you are stating that homo is ok,

“We must turn away from sin, not embrace it or be comfortable in it”.

@WinsQB, tweeted, “The pope never said homosexuality is ok bruv. He said homosexuality is a sin. He said God loves gay people. Both are absolutely true”.

@Eychpg, tweeted, “The vatican Roman Catholic church are the group of men that rejected christ and secretly been controlling world since the crusades everything we are seeing in the world today is of their ideologies and how they truly want the world to be of course he would promote this”.

@Adams, tweeted,”The Pope cannot tell everyone what to criminalize, and what not to criminalize. If the Laws in Africa expressly criminalize homosexuality, then it is a criminal act. It becomes a sin and a crime. The Bible clearly asks us to respect the laws of the land too.”

@Ayodele_B_A, tweeted, “Being political here is not working. Homosexuality is a sin but it is not a crime. Says who?

“Godly principles or Man-made principles?

“HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN AND THUS A CRIME. The revered Pope should stop sugarcoating this topic.”