Nathaniel Bassey knocks gospel artists over ‘Holy Spirit-inspired’ song theft

Nathaniel Bassey knocks gospel artists over 'Holy Spirit-inspired' song theft
Nathaniel Bassey knocks gospel artists over 'Holy Spirit-inspired' song theft

Nigerian gospel artist, Nathaniel Bassey, has called out fellow artists who claim that their songs were inspired by the Holy Spirit when they were actually previously recorded by someone else.

Bassey, known for his hit songs “Imela” and “Onise Iyanu,” stated that there is nothing wrong with singing and recording songs that have been written, recorded, or performed by others.
In fact, this is one of the ways that songs gain global recognition and popularity.

However, he emphasized that it is not right to claim that a song was given to you by the Holy Spirit when it was previously publicly performed by someone else.

Bassey made this statement in reference to the song “Way Maker” by Nigerian gospel artist Sinach, which has become a global anthem and has been covered by numerous artists worldwide.

Bassey acknowledged that sometimes melodies and lyrics may sound similar, but if a song becomes exact in melody, rhythm, and lyrics without any difference or ambiguity, and is then claimed as an original inspired by God, it is an error.
He added that God is not the author of confusion.

The gospel artist stressed the importance of credibility in ministry and urged fellow musicians to remember that worship must be done in truth.

He warned that if people struggle to believe you, they would also struggle to receive your ministry.

Bassey’s post has sparked a conversation among gospel music lovers and has led to increased scrutiny of artists who claim to have been divinely inspired to create songs that bear a striking resemblance to previously recorded songs.