#NigeriaDecides2023: Human demons, agents marred peaceful elections in Lagos, Kogi, others – Paul Enenche

2023: Go out and vote, Pastor Enenche tells Biafra agitators

#NigeriaDecides2023: Human demons, agents marred peaceful elections in Lagos, Kogi, others – Paul Enenche

Wilson Adekumola

The Presiding Pastor of Dunamics International Gospel Center, Dr, Paul Enenche, has lamented the challenges that rocked the peaceful conduct of the presidential and NASS elections on Saturday, February 25, urging Independent National Electoral Commission to do the right thing.

According to Vanguard, Paul Enenche, in a video posted on his social media page in the early hours of Sunday, ignoring to his admonition will attract mind-bugging repercussions.

The speech reads, “Dear friends, we have witnessed an unusual stressful and challenging elections and vote casting process under very difficult conditions in most cases. Yesterday some people’s voting didn’t start till around 1pm, all manner of strenuous condition but I saw patriotism, enthusiasm and determination of our Nation’s citizens for a change of story like never before – record breaking turn out crowds with multitudes of first time voters.

“Unfortunately, the human demons in our country and their lunatic agents in various parts of this country did not allow for a peaceful and just process in those places. Video recordings of their misdeeds were flying from Lagos, Rivers, Kogi, Anambra, Abuja etc. With things at the helm of affairs at certain unit.

“In certain places, there was the report of more presidential ballot papers, but there were ballot papers for the senatorial and house of reps. There were other places where a particular party’s logo was said not to be on the ballot papers at all. Also there were cases of thugs snatching ballot papers, under age voting of young children.,” he said.

While cautioning INEC he said, ” Despite all of this abnormalities cited, the people of Nigeria overwhelmingly expressed their choice of leadership through their votes.

“INEC is strongly advised to do the right thing and do it on time. Issues of inability to upload results on server; failure of results upload from BVAs machines, and delay in the arrival of results, especially from the Northern parts of the country are raising a lot of suspicion.

”Kindly ensure that this is not a game as usual. Every attempt at scuttling the will of the people or frustrating the zeal of the youth will produce only unimaginable consequences. People have voted, and they are watching their votes. People already have the results of their polling units, etc; as confirmed at the end of voting exercise.

“Do the right thing and go down in history in honour and dignity, or do the wrong thing and go down in shame, ignominy and infamy forever. God bless Nigeria,” he added.