156 intending Kano pilgrims to miss 2023 Hajj

Hajj Commission sets deadline for N3m pilgrimage fee payment


156 intending Kano pilgrims to miss 2023 Hajj

The Kano State Pilgrims Welfare Agency has disclosed that a total of 156 intending pilgrims will not be airlifted to Saudi Arabia for the 2023 Hajj exercise due to overselling of seat by previous officials.

The Director General of the Agency, Laminu Rabiu made this disclosure on Wednesday while speaking with newsmen, explaining that the National Hajj Commission had allocated 6,144 seats to Kano but it was discovered that the previous officials had sold an additional 156 seats beyond the allocated number.

However, previous officials of the agency who brought about the unfortunate situation had been subsequently relieved of their positions by the new administration.

Rabiu stressed further that a thorough investigation would be launched into the matter, and appropriate legal action would be taken against those responsible after the conclusion of the Hajj pilgrimage.

While appealing to the affected individuals to exercise patience, the Director-Geneeal promised that they would be given priority in next year’s Hajj arrangements. Meanwhile, the agency has successfully transported 2,558 pilgrims to the holy land, while awaiting the allocation of aircraft by the National Hajj Commission in the coming days.

“On resumption of duty after my appointment as the Director General, I discovered that all the seats had been sold out by the former Secretary. There were no available seats remaining,” Rabiu stated.

“Moreover, they had oversold the seats by approximately 156, which means that these individuals will be unable to perform the Hajj despite making all necessary payments and meeting the requirements.

“It is truly disheartening to collect people’s money and then disappoint them after they have informed everyone that they would be attending the pilgrimage,” he expressed his dismay.

“We have pleaded with them to be patient and assured them that they will be given priority next year. As of now, 2,558 individuals have been successfully airlifted to the holy land.

“We will conduct a thorough investigation into this incident following the conclusion of the Hajj, and anyone found guilty of wrongdoing will face the full force of the law,” he affirmed.

Rabiu also denied the allegations of allocating other people’s seats to unauthorized individuals, stressing that all available seats had been used, leaving no additional seats to allocate to anyone this year.