Christmas: Share hope among all, Archbishop urges Nigerians


The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins has called on Nigerians to remain steadfast in faith and share the hope that God will deliver Nigeria from its many challenges.

The cleric made this known through a press statement signed by Director of Social Communications, Rev. Fr. Anthony Godonu, Archbishop Martins on Friday.

According to him, “He said the celebration of Christmas should serve as a symbol of hope that God has not abandoned Nigeria and Nigerians. On the contrary, the days of victory over the forces of retrogression are near.”

He also urged Nigerians to pay attention to the recent political happenings as they prepare for the 2023 general elections. According to him.

The cleric also charged Nigerians to not sell their votes while also urging politicians to desist from vote buying.

“However, as they say: heaven helps those who help themselves, so all Nigerians need to do the needful; we must all pay keen attention to the political happenings as we look forward to the general elections coming up next year.

“All eligible Nigerians who have registered must take time to go and get their Permanent Voter’s Cards and come out en-masse to cast their votes in February and March 2023. We must ensure that we cast out votes not on the basis of primordial sentiments but on the basis of character, capacity, competence, and demonstrated disposition to change the fortunes of this great nation,” he said.