Church not a scam, says Anglican cleric

Venerable Ekene Nwafor, the Anglican Cleric in charge of the Church of The Pentecost, Diocese of Awka, has said that the church is not a scam as being perceived by some young Nigerians.

Nwafor spoke in Awka during a homily to mark Mothering Sunday.

He said his call has become necessary because some people, especially the young ones, were embracing idol worshipping and were of the view that the church has become a scam and should be abolished.

Nwafor said that the people who viewed the church as a scam were simply ignorant of the word of God and Christendom.

“Christians who come to church but still live in sins of corruption, fornication , adultery, envy, falsehoods, amongst others, are wolves who make unbelievers see the church as a scam that should be abolished.

“People see church as a scam because many of the so-called believers have no encounter with God as they dwell in secret sins and as such the glory of God cannot reign in their lives.

“The quest of materialism has increased and swayed believers to live as if Christ has no commandment to be followed. These people act without the fear of God, seeking materialism at all cost to boost their ego.

“Love for the world and the vain glory of the world push so-called Christians out of the track of God’s will, pushing them to amass wealth at all cost, “, he said.

Quoting from the book of the Ephesians, Venerable Nwafor urged Christians “to put on the whole amour of God so that they could stand against the wiles of the devil“.

“Do not throw in the towel when trial comes, do not retreat no matter the challenge. Once you have the whole armour of the Lord, he would surely grant you victory.“, he said.

Nwafor said that those who see the church as a scam or calls for its abolishment lacked the word of God and called on Christians to preach the Good News to them through righteous living.

He encouraged mothers to use their special day to ensure that they build a Christian home where the fear and word of God remained supreme.

Nwafor read out the goodwill letter from Mrs Martha Ibezim, the wife of the Archbishop of the Province of the Niger and bishop of Diocese of Awka.

Ibezim encouraged mothers to be good ambassadors and to acquire skills that would enable them to fend for their families and enjoy financial independence.

Mrs Ijeoma Unachukwu, Chairperson of the Mothering Sunday Committee, said that the church needed to be commended for creating a special day for mother.

Unachukwu said that the day was to remind mothers of their enormous duty to build a good home and by extension a safe society.