Don’t be power drunk, Pope tells Christians


Vatican Head, Pope Francis, has urged Christians all over the World not to be ‘power-hungry’.

The pope while giving a Christmas homily at St. Peter’s Basilica stated that the church should ‘imitate the Christian deity, Jesus Christ, who according to Biblical records, was poor during his time on earth’.

“Jesus was born poor, lived poor and died poor,” Francis said. “He did not so much talk about poverty as live it, to the very end, for our sake.”

He also urged Christians “not let this Christmas pass without doing something good.”

The Pope also decried the effects of wars and poverty as he revealed that the primary victims of these phenomenal are the weak and vulnerable.

“While animals feed in their stalls, men and women in our world, in their hunger for wealth and power, consume even their neighbors, their brothers and sisters,” the pontiff lamented. “How many wars have we seen! And in how many places, even today, are human dignity and freedom treated with contempt!”

“As always, the principal victims of this human greed are the weak and the vulnerable,’’ said Francis, who didn’t cite any specific conflict or situation”.