Eight things guest speakers must never do after ministration

Irabor Wisdom

The Presiding Bishop Answers Assembly Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, Irabor Wisdom, has said that guest ministers must not do eight things after ministration in a church.

He said:

1. If you have ever preached for a man, and you later enter the same City to organize Prayer Meetings in the house of his members, without his knowledge, you are a betrayer. Only jobless and heartless Pastors act this way.

2. If you have ever preached for a man, that you no longer relate with, but you still relate with his members that you got to know through him, you are a betrayer. How can you avoid a man, and still relate with his children? If you are cutting off from your host. Cut off from his members also.

Apart from greetings, don’t relate closely with them. Can a church be evil and the congregation be good?

3. If you have ever preached for a man, and you are relating closely with a member under him without his knowledge, you are a betrayer. Always carry him along, otherwise one day his members will carry him along. And when that happens, you may close a door against yourself.

4. If you have ever preached for a man, and you give your numbers to members of his church, without his knowledge, you are a Betrayer. Tell them to go to him and collect it from him.

5. If you have ever preached for a man, and you start counselling his members one on one without his knowledge behind him, you are a Betrayer. You are not their counsellor. Refer them to their Pastors.

6 If you have ever preached for a man, and you end up sleeping with a girl in the church, you are a big Betrayer. If you have a sleeping ministry, do it before or after your meeting with him in a different hotel. But not with a girl you carried from the Church of your host. Both approaches are sins and I am not advising you to do any of them, but one is a sin that can damage the work of your host. The other is a sin that has no business with your innocent host and his innocent church.

Why must your chemistry destroy his innocent ministry? Remember, I did not advise you to do it before coming, I only recognize the fact that some men are sex addicts. In manifesting your addiction, protect the work of your host. Don’t allow him to suffer scandal because of your addiction.

7. If you have ever preached for a man, and you complain about the Honorarium he gave you to a third party, you are a betrayer. If you have issues with the Honorarium he gave you, you tell it directly to the one who gave it to you, and not to a third party.
You that is complaining about what they gave you, what have you given as Honorarium to any person?

You see this Honorarium thing? Those who complain about it, have never given it to the same person they are complaining about what was given to them.

Don’t complain, host him and return it, only then will you know how difficult it is to generate that amount of money.

8. If you have ever preached for a man, and you asked people to sow money into your personal account, Without the knowledge of your host. You are a thief and a betrayer. Some People do it and you get to find out later.

Put a system in place where only your trained hands should have access to your Guest by way of Protocol.

Any Guest you don’t know intimately, Don’t bring close to your pulpit.

If you are guilty of what you have just read? And you get angry with me, instead of repenting, you are a Rebel.
Sometimes, I want to be angry with churches that don’t invite Guest speakers, but then you remember the damage your work has suffered as a result of the activities of untrained Guest Speakers. You have no choice but to accept that they are right.
Be blessed.