Ex-Religious Affairs Commissioner calls for PVC sensitization

How Anambra, Bauchi churches observed ‘PVC Sunday’

As the Independent National Electoral Commission’s permanent voters card collection draws closer, ex-Religious Affairs Commissioner leader, Zamfara tasks religious and community leaders to mobilize and sensitize their people to get registered.

The Islamic cleric stated this in an exclusive interview with Daily Post in Gusau, the State capital, noting that many people may not know the value of the PVC until it becomes too late for them to obtain it.

“Many citizens are complaining about government and politicians but this is an opportunity to elect the government of their choices” he lamented.

“The State government has given a whole week public holiday for people to go and obtain their PVC but some would still not go for the cards”

Jangebe said that democracy remains the government of the people by the people, pointing out that if people do not obtain their PVC, how would the government be the government.

“Apart from the electoral business, there are other areas where the PVC are of great importance. So the PVC has many uses”

Recall that Sheikh Jangebe had been a commissioner of Religious Affairs in the State since 1999 but resigned his political appointment about a year and a half ago due to the reasons best known to him.