How policemen mocked me as I escaped from terrorists – Benue cleric 

A Pastor, Peter Kegh, ha narrated how policemen laughed at him as he tried to escape from terrorists who attacked him along the Otukpo Road in Benue State, on his way back from a crusade in Abia State.

The evangelist told Sunday PUNCH that he went on evangelism in Abia and was on his way back to Benue on June 15, 2022, when he was accosted by some gun-wielding terrorists along the Ugbokolo-Otukpo at about 6.14 pm.

On how he drove till he escape the shooting by the marauders, he said, “(The checkpoint was) very close. A mobile police officer was standing by the road unarmed. Another officer was in the shade but he had no gun. They were laughing at us as we drove past.

“I kept managing the car a little further until I saw that we had a little settlement where we found some oncoming cars parked. It was at that point that it looked like they (the drivers) were aware of the attack and had to park. I went further and I saw two checkpoints but decided to stop at the third one.

“My car had stopped. So, when I looked at the vehicle, I found out that one of the bullets hit the engine and affected the injector manifold, piercing through it. That was what caused the low compression. So, I got some paper and wrapped it with sellotape to cover the hole.

“When I started the car, it moved, at least, at a better speed. It was no longer jerking, though it was still vibrating. I was able to move for about 67km before my front tyre by the driver’s seat went flat completely. When I stopped to check, I discovered that another bullet had hit the alloyed rail very close but didn’t get the tyre although the tyre was scratched and had begun to leak. I got a mechanic nearby who topped air into it before we continued.”