Nigeria must consult oracles to end corruption – Lawmaker

Nigeria must consult oracles to end corruption - Lawmaker

A House of Representatives member representing the Yamaltu-Deba constituency, Yunusa Ahmad said to curtail corruption in Nigeria, the oracles must be consulted.

He said this at the African Conference on Debt and Development meeting organised by Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice while speaking with newsmen, according to Daily Post.

According to the lawmaker, the laws in Nigeria as created by the National Assembly were adequate to tackle corruption but politicians have well-perfected their stealing act that tracing deficits through paper is becoming impossible.

He said, “We played our roles. First, we assumed there were allegations of corruption. First, we check, is it the law that did not plug the loopholes? We look at the law, study them and then evolve laws that will be in tandem with reality or modernity.

“In over-sighting too, we try to ascertain to what extent are the laws being obeyed. We discovered everything is there. In Nigeria, when you are trying to find fault through the papers, you will never get anything because the papers are neat.

“But when it comes to practical issues, that is why mystique is there. Last week, you heard when termites ate billions, sometimes we had a snake swallow some money in JAMB. So, we really need to consult the oracle. The issue here is that the National Assembly is doing its job.”