Nigerians can’t continue to elect excuse givers – Cleric

The general overseer of the Crown of Life Bible Church, House of David, Bishop Innocent Rubiruka Solomon, has urged Nigerians not to elect leaders who will resort to giving excuse instead of performance.

According to Daily Post, the clergyman stated this on Saturday through a press statement issued by him.

He stated that Nigerians must put aside religious sentiments and elect leaders that will lead the people to the promised land.

”Nigerians must truly love themselves and elect leaders that can address their most critical, common and basic needs.

“We cannot continue to elect leaders who will be giving us excuses in the midst of this abundance of everything in our country.

“There would be a remarkable turnaround in the political landscape of Nigeria in the coming days, months and years, God has heard the prayers of His people and will cause an unprecedented shift in the political arrangements of the nation in order to fulfil His good will for the nation and end the years of suffering, hardship, waste, devastations, despair and sorrow.

“You should truly love yourselves by electing leaders at all levels that will not repeat the mistakes, miscalculations and utter failure and incompetence of most past leaders that failed to address the most critical, common and basic needs of Nigerians”, he said.