Accept Tinubu’s victory in good faith, Sultan, Afenifere urge Nigerians

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Accept Tinubu’s victory in good faith, Sultan, Afenifere urge Nigerians

The Sultan of Sokoto ,Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, on Saturday, urged generality of Nigerians to accept the outcome of the February 25th presidential election in good faith.

The monarch said, “Leadership is from Allah Almighty given to whoever He wishes at any time He wishes and nobody can query Him or change what He did,”the chairman, Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs said as more congratulatory messages poured in from home and abroad for President-elect Bola Tinubu.

While peaking during the coronation and presenting of staff of office to the new Emir of Dutse,Jigawa State,Alhaji Hameem Nuhu Sanusi, the traditional ruler called on his listeners to “please support your leaders; do not argue with them or be disobedient. You can’t fight God’s making; accept them as they were being made by God Almighty who gives power to whoever He wishes.”

The Nation reports that on the presidential election, he said, “God Almighty did what He wished. We should consider it an act of God. He made the winners and nobody can stop or change what God Almighty did.”

But he also counselled leaders to do justice and be fair to their followers, saying that politicians are to encourage peace and stability.

“You should not encourage any act that could disrupt peace,” he said.

Also speaking, the new Emir promised to continue with the legacy of his father and predecessor.

In his own part, Chief Fasoranti pleaded with Nigerians and foreigners who wish Nigeria well to desist from anything capable of undermining the peace of the nation.

“We should all go peaceful, take lawful means, and thread legitimate and legal paths to rectify anything that might have, from their own point of view, gone wrong,” he said.

He said Tinubu should also be allowed to “ settle down immediately to tackle the enormous Nigerian project of tackling insecurity, solving our economic downturn, restructuring the country, and rebuilding a nation never so badly divided on ethnic, religious and corrupt lines.”

Fasoranti urged Tinubu not to make mistakes made by his predecessors by ensuring that every ethnic group was united in his administration, saying,“I did marvel at your doggedness, self-determination, self-assuredness, strong belief in self, ability to overcome daunting and ever surging challenges.

“I was also amazed at God’s grace on you that gave you the strength of character and such abundance of energy, that enabled you to navigate through all the ever emerging intricate problems, and made it possible for you to, against the wishes of some people, traverse successfully all the states of the federation, during the energy sapping marathon presidential campaigns. I am, indeed, glad to know that your hard earned victory had a very good national spread.

“You now have the opportunity. Now is the time for you to prove me right. I pray to God to be with you.

“In going about this, avoid the mistakes of some of your forebears. Be fair to all concerned. Go ahead to unite the country, see and treat the country as one. Be a federalist. Allow the big ethnic groups to exist and respect one another, but also allow the small ones to feel proud and wanted in the spirit of federalism as practised in the United States.”