NASFAT: Twitter divided over MURIC’s RCCG allegation

Tweeps have taken Twitter to react to the recent allegations made by the Muslim Rights Concern Group against the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

In a press statement issued by the director of the Islamic group, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, MURIC is accusing RCCG of religiously discriminating against Muslim students by denying them access to Redemption City for JAMB and WAEC registration

Prof Akintola, in the statement, accused the RCCG of barring Muslims from gaining entrance into the Redemption Camp premises to carry out exam activities.

He stated that Islamic students were not allowed to go inside the premises for bank transactions, examination centre checks, and a host of others.

The Islamic group director said several complaints and petitions backed with evidence had been brought before the group, which informed their reaction to the matter. He said: “We were shocked yesterday when we learnt that the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) denied our allegation that it was disallowing Muslims from entering its camp along Lagos-Ibadan expressway to transact business in their banks or to check their WAEC, JAMB, and other examination centres.

“Why does RCCG take actions that it cannot defend? The security men at the RCCG gate refused to allow those Muslims to enter based on instructions given to them by RCCG officials. What is the world turning to? A place of worship should not alienate itself from the truth.

Here are some reactions below:

@Sadiyahamza41 tweeted, “We don’t have a Muslim Muslim president yet, NASFAT and MURIC already making ridiculous claims on church properties (RCCG).

If you don’t see that Tinubu Shettima’s ticket is a disaster that will destroy this nation, I don’t know how else to explain to you.”

@_Chaturi tweeted,” What was NASFAT doing when RCCG was inviting those organisations to build in their community? Ori iwo ati MURIC gba ile, e ti sinwin”

@GeeBeeCoded tweeted,” Would NASFAT allow a church in their compound?
They went too far.
Redemption Camp isn’t made for that.”

@Thefavouredwoman tweeted,”CAN or PFN will NEVER write open letters, demanding access to NASFAT campground under any guise for whatever purpose.

MURIC on the other hand, has always been an agent of division. Fanning embers of religious hatred in the southwest using false and disingenuous claims.”

@Oyewoadeola tweeted,” Then they should follow their rules, RCCG is a private property not government own..if they said they don’t want covering of head or mosque in their premises so be it..”

@akopoyoma tweeted, “Do you allow people to practice their own in peace? Can a non-muslim be allowed to enter Mecca? That’s how you look for trouble where there is non. When Muslim Countries have challenges their Citizen run to the west instead of Saudi Arabia as Refugees, why?”

It would also be recalled that the spokesperson of the RCCG, Pastor Olaitan Olubiyo has said the allegations leveled against the church have no ounce of truth in them.

He said the Redemption Camp is open and accessible to all whose coming is legitimate. Olubiyi said the whole allegations were fabricated and the whole report was fake news.

“The Redemption City of God remains accessible to anyone who has a legal and genuine purpose for seeking access,” the church spokesperson had said