Nigeria needs a deliverer not leader – Oyedepo

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The General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, said Nigeria is need of a deliverer, not a leader.


During a sermon at the ongoing Shiloh programme in Ogun State, on Thursday, Oyedepo lamented the current insecurity and economic crises ravaging the country’s economy, adding that he had warned Nigerians right from 2015 of the impending trauma and crisis that is now happening.


The Christian Cleric, therefore, urged the people to pray to God for a deliverer.


He said, “I think I am prompted by the spirit we need to pray for this nation. I warned this nation in 2015 that we were heading for crisis and trauma, many were washing their mouth. They are off today.


“God does not require consensus to raise a prophet. I saw a nation going down the drain, I cried. There are many prophets of politicians who speak what they want to hear.


“I have been very silent, what we need now is not a leader, it is a deliverer. Almost nothing remains except the church that can be called a nation.”